Barry, Working side by side with you for those 6 months did wonders for my approach with people, business decisions, and my overall life success during the last 2 1/2 years.

There was never a question about the skills and drive, but learning to stay on point with a purpose has taken me to a new level. My clients often say that many "financial" people have tried to advise them, but the messages never stuck. Your coaching has those same clients saying that even if my advice is similar, my approach and word conveyance adds clarity and gets them to buy in.

These skills that you've helped me develop have been the key to my sustaining success with building my consulting practice where many others have struggled. Whether, I'm acting as P/T CFO, Business Adviser, or doing special project work, I'm applying some piece of your coaching experience to the purpose at hand.

K. P.
Business Consultants

Barry was instrumental in helping me attain a key promotion at work. He worked with me on devising a strategy that was tailored to my needs and goals, and his perspective was invaluable.

I feel rejuvenated in my career and now have a clearer vision of the professional I aspire to be.Barry is more than a coach, he is a true partner.

J. H.
Financial Services

I've been working with Barry for almost two years, in two different roles and two different corporations. Culturally these two organizations were very different - one American, one British, with particular characteristics in each, and in both cases Barry has helped me apply my skills to be effective for the company.

He has helped me make the transition from one culture to another so as to create maximum benefit for the organization I was joining. A key benefit of working with Barry is that it helps me keep my focus on what matters. In the UK there is a saying that comes from soccer, "Play the ball not the man" - meaning work the issues, not the peripheral things or the politics that can distract you from the business goals.

My regular calls with Barry help me keep my energy up and applied to the tasks that add value for the business. He helps me handle situations and conversations to maximize my effectiveness and avoid unproductive situations, and makes sure I keep driving forward to do the right things for the company.

Barry has been able to keep me purpose-oriented and focused on only those matters that are pertinent to the task at hand. He is also so supportive of me and expresses such belief in my skills that I am inspired to do more and better. The time we spend together is very efficient, and very worthwhile.

F. M.
Brand director        

After years of empowering lectures, books, tapes, etc., individual coaching with Barry has enabled me to break down and eliminate much of my previous conditioning and find my true self. Barry has an intuitive ability to disassemble my old “stuff’ and free me to blossom into the person I am aspiring to be.

N. P.
Business Owner   

Barry’s passionate and direct style of coaching has made the most ambitious goals in my life become attainable and achievable.

His enthusiasm is backed up by his keen understanding of the power of the spoken word and how to use it concisely and effectively.

Barry tunes in to the source of my potential greatness with such inspiration that my enthusiasm virtually explodes. He steadfastly sees me as my highest possibility, resulting in a big jump in my attitude and efficiency.”

P.M. B