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This page was created for podcasters, journalists, and other media professionals to find everything they need to prepare for an interview with Barry.

Below you’ll find a bio, publicity photos, ideas for topics and questions, and some sample interviews with Barry as both the guest and the host. If you have any questions, or if you would like to book Barry for your broadcast or publication, feel free to email me at

Show Topics and Sample Questions

These are merely suggestions. We can also come up with a topic customized to your audience.

How results can be impacted through Mindset?

Communication skills of the super successful.

The keys to designing your legacy.

Publicity Photos

Bio or Introduction

Barry Laub is a two time bestselling author, inspirational speaker, success/empowerment coach and a business strategist.

Sample Interviews

It’s All About the Questions Radio Show
Episode 25: Does Your Language P.O.P? and Why It Matters.

The Writer's Dream
Produced by LInda Marie Frank 
Hosted by Karen Bonnett