The present does not have to mimic your past!

The statement that: “I have no choice is completely false”!

You always have a choice. You may not like the choices, but the decision is yours. You can operate with limiting beliefs or believing in unlimited possibilities. Your cycle of causation will influence your beliefs and attitudes. You have the power to reinterpret your beliefs and circumstances.

Everyone has the power and ability to become unstoppable. The choices are yours. You can choose to accept mitigate or eliminate whatever you conceive. Owning your choices and standing by them demonstrates your strength of character. Ultimately, you are the creator of your choices. By embracing possibilities you can push through the fears and allow new possibilities. Risk is the mother of greatness. Go for it. If you live your life with purpose than you will be happier and feel more fulfilled.

Look inside and examine your current reality.  Your current reality is based on past programming. You have the ability to interpret it differently and rewrite the program. It is worth your time to identify and acknowledge anything that may be impeding you.

Uncover your why…

Uncover your purpose…

Live with an objective to fulfill. By disregarding the past programming you will move ahead, be happier and much wealthier in spirit, which will translate into creating the legacy which you want to be remembered for.

The secret to reprogramming your life

Would you believe it if I told you there is no such thing as truth?

You must be thinking right now that I am crazy.

However, truth is only a belief and your beliefs are based purely on your life’s experiences. In fact, any belief or attitude that you possess will affect your decision-making, your behaviors, your reactions and the way you live your life. You must be scratching your head right now and wondering if this is true then making changes should not be that difficult. And yes this is the secret to reprogramming your life.

  • Have you ever been told that you are too negative?
  • Have you ever been told that you are too positive?
  • Have you ever heard that whatever your dominant thought is will ultimately determine what you attract?

Well, in this series of blog posts you are going to learn how to take all of these challenges and turn them into opportunities. Every moment of your life is a learning experience and if we take these learning experiences and apply them with purpose and objective your whole existence can change.

In my book The MindStretch I have put together a paradigm called the cycle of causation. By your understanding of this cycle of causation, you will have taken the first step in opening up your mind to the possibilities of reprogramming your life.

In the next blog post we will examine this cycle of causation to set you on your path to positive change.

Believing is seeing!

Most people are accustomed to the saying seeing is believing.

In the world of unlimited possibilities, it is the believing that allows for manifestation and possibilities. When you believe something strongly enough it comes into being. That is why believing is seeing. Trust, faith, and determination on the solution to creating the world you desire.

Know what you want and believe that you deserve it!

Once you believe, do not allow anything to dissuade you… Be unwavering!

Your belief opens the door way to boundless manifestation!

When you believe that you deserve abundance it activates the flow of infinite money. Giving purposefully without strings attached activates its flow! Coming from a space of gratitude activates its flow!

In order for you to re-create your experience in the image you choose requires you to believe and act as though the changes have already occurred. When you act as though the changes have occurred, the universe will deliver these changes to you. It is a natural and universal law for the creation of abundance.

You can make this happen by living your life with unwavering purpose.

Go for it and make it happen!

How to prepare for your journey of change!

If what we tell ourselves is our truth then we realize that our truth is nothing more than a belief.

Our beliefs are created through our subconscious programming which has occurred over our lifetime.

Our subconscious programming is the culmination of our life’s experiences, our successes, our failures, how others have addressed us, what we have been taught and how we have interpreted all of these experiences.

This can all be summed up in a paradigm which I call the “Cycle of Causation”.

Your experiences influence your self-image…. Every moment of your life is a learning experience… Your interpretation of these experiences influence your degree of fear or level of confidence…. We will call that the “self-image continuum”. Your level of fear or self-confidence will influence your decision making. It is all a result of your interpretation of your life experiences.

Your self-image influences your perceptions… The self-image continuum spans from fear to confidence. Your position on that continuum colors how you see yourself and your expectations. Your expectations are a result of your current perceptions.

Your perceptions will influence your beliefs and therefore your decisions and behaviors. Perception is greater than reality… There is no such thing as one finite reality… Only one’s perception.

Your beliefs influence your results… The universe responds to the vibrational energy of what you believe, which manifests into result. Results in turn influence your experiences… Thus the cycle continues on without a beginning or end.