How to prepare for your journey of change!

If what we tell ourselves is our truth then we realize that our truth is nothing more than a belief.

Our beliefs are created through our subconscious programming which has occurred over our lifetime.

Our subconscious programming is the culmination of our life’s experiences, our successes, our failures, how others have addressed us, what we have been taught and how we have interpreted all of these experiences.

This can all be summed up in a paradigm which I call the “Cycle of Causation”.

Your experiences influence your self-image…. Every moment of your life is a learning experience… Your interpretation of these experiences influence your degree of fear or level of confidence…. We will call that the “self-image continuum”. Your level of fear or self-confidence will influence your decision making. It is all a result of your interpretation of your life experiences.

Your self-image influences your perceptions… The self-image continuum spans from fear to confidence. Your position on that continuum colors how you see yourself and your expectations. Your expectations are a result of your current perceptions.

Your perceptions will influence your beliefs and therefore your decisions and behaviors. Perception is greater than reality… There is no such thing as one finite reality… Only one’s perception.

Your beliefs influence your results… The universe responds to the vibrational energy of what you believe, which manifests into result. Results in turn influence your experiences… Thus the cycle continues on without a beginning or end.

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